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Rise And Shine In Your Smart Bedroom

An area for rest. A source of privacy. A sanctuary. So why not maximize the space that does the most for you?

Listed below are a fews smart products that will have you greeting the day with excitement.

A Better Way to Awake

The new technology particularly the smartphone has eliminated the existence of a standard alarm clock, lots of people don't see it as big loss, but some do. There is something great in the old ways of doing things. Specifically, the capability to check the time in the middle of the night without getting drawn into a world of e-mails, texts, and updates.

The Philips Wake-up Light not only offers a mid-night, text-free, time check but also improves the entire awakening experience provided by standard alarm clocks and their smart device equivalents.

Instead of jarring you from sleep with your preferred annoying alert sound, the Wake-up Light provides a mild entryway to the day through continuous lighting, which can be coupled with relaxing nature sounds or your favorite FM radio station.

The Wake-up Light can likewise work as reading light and uses a "Sunset Simulation," as a visual hint for the method of bedtime.

Sleep Smarter

The bed mattress cover is embedded with sensing units that track all ways of necessary rest info from bed temperature level to breathing rate. Eight's accompanying app will supply you with a plan of how strong your sleep has been, permitting you to make changes where essential. Eight can also make the adjustments on its own. By checking out the room's temperature level, and evaluating your preferred sleeping temperature level, Eight can change the bed to the maximum warmth, and divided the bed into different temperatures so as not to disrupt your partner. Eight is likewise totally integrated into the "Internet of Things," which means the sleep system can signify your coffee device to start brewing as quickly as it's determined your awake.

Privacy at the Push of a Button

The Sonte (shades shutter system) and its App are intended to all your opening and shutting of the window shades needs. It is designed to give you natural light when your alarm goes off, and give you privacy when you go to the Bathroom. Adjust the lighting scenarios using natural light is one of its unique features.

Self-Make Your Bed and Sleep in It

The Ohea self-making bed, the innovation of a Spanish furniture maker, acknowledges when its resident has left and right away starts the process of repairing sheets and correcting the alignment of pillows, ensuring a fresh appearance and feel for each slumber. The item is presently only in the model stage so watch for pre-orders.

How Iphone And Apple Watch Dock Xstand Keeps My Devices Looking As Good As New

The idea of buying a new iPhone or Apple watch and having it look like it is a hundred years old one week later gets to me. It can be very devastating when you have to start looking for a cover for your iPhone. To make the matter worse, most of the ones you seem to find are not within your taste and specifications.

Most of the smartphones get all that scarring on the screen from haphazard placement on rough tables, on covers of books and other surfaces when charging. But when you buy the iPhone and Apple watch dock XStand, it solves all that for you.
It is feels good to have your phone out in the open and have it look the exact same way it did when you first bought it. That is the kind of life I live with the apple watch and iPhone dock Xstand that I bought a few weeks ago.

The stand holds my phone as I use it

I do love catching a video every now and then on my iPhone, of which I find the screen resolution more appealing than my laptop. One of the few indulgencies that I have allowed myself in life is my iPhone and nothing beats lying back on the bed and catching a good video.

The thought of knowing that my iPhone is stable on the stand makes me feel good and I can even concentrate on my work when it is charging. While an iPhone may not feel expensive to you, well, to me, it is! Thus, I tread like a princess in glass shoes when I am around mine.

I can be very clumsy at times. The XStand has been instrumental in ensuring that I do not drop my phone due to the need to carry my phone everywhere. I do not need to hold my phone while using it on loud speaker, which eliminates the chances of me dropping it. My devices have been kept as good as new and my iPhone and apple watch dock Xstand has made that happen.

It protects my iPhone
How many things do you have on your home desk? If you were to ask me that question, you would probably be so shocked at my answer. I have everything you can think of. From books, pens, magazines to my coffee mug, No judgments, organization is important but imagine yourself, just from work or school, tired to the point of not knowing what you will eat. All you can think of doing is dropping everything on the floor or the table in this case, and getting into bed.

How many people will first think of keeping your iPhone and apple watch in an orderly manner away from all the rough clutter? I know I would not. The XStand apple watch and iPhone dock is very instrumental in such times. It is has a casing in which I place my iPhone and Apple watch as they charge.

This goes a long way in ensuring that things such as pens that would otherwise cause markings on my iPhone and Apple watch covers are kept at bay. The Apple watch and iPhone dock separates my appliances from everything else on the table.

The XStand is available now through Amazon.

How I Use The Fourflexx Ipad Holder In My Hairdressing Business

Hairdressing is an art that often involves the use of your hands, be it weaving, plaiting or blow-drying. I use my iPad a lot in gaining knowledge, communicating and making hairdressing an enjoyable activity at my work place. Since I am always busy using my hands, holding my iPad becomes an inconvenience that actually forced me to look for a solution. In the past, I had to be too cautious to ensure it does not fall down and break due to slippery or oily palms. However, the struggle ended when I came across the FourFlexx iPad floor stand and holder. It has made things easier for me.

I get new hair care ideas from the internet through my tablet

I use the holder to watch videos about hair care. It enables my employees and I to follow the procedures in the videos and at the same time apply them in hairdressing. My clients have so far loved most of the things that we have done with their hair. No one has to hold the iPad for others to see; I simply mount it on the stand and let each hairdresser watch the video.

The holder also helps in ensuring effective viewing of the content on the iPad. The FourFlexx stand has ball-points that allow anyone to rotate it at any angle. Therefore, in case any hairdresser claims that he or she has not seen an image or followed a procedure well, the stand is easily rotated for him or her to see what is being demonstrated or explained.

Best hands-free iPad and smartphone holder for me

I also use the stand as a safe place for my workplace phone. I just turn one of the four legs of the iPad holder into a holder for my business phone. It is that flexible! This makes it easy for one to hastily respond to phone calls when doing other duties, especially from clients who need to be attended to, unlike when I have a phone that is far away from me. This tablet holder is the best hands-free kit in the market.

It is not for the iPad only รข it can hold other tablets too

The FourFlexx holder can be used with a variety of tablet brands. It is compatible with all 7 to 13 inch tablets like the Google Nexus 7, Sony eReader, Nook and many other brands. In my family, we have different kinds of tablets, but we do not have to buy many tablets. I may be using my iPad today, yet tomorrow I will carry Samsung Galaxy to work.

My hairdressers vary in height. The FourFlexx stand accommodates all of them. It is fully adjustable to any height and position ranging from 6 to 31 inches. This is due to its flexible gooseneck legs. Therefore, I easily choose a height comfortable for all. The FourFlexx iPad floor stand is very useful and effective in hairdressing. It makes learning easier. It is flexible. It is ensures my iPad is safe.