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The Apex Satellite Internet Service Providers

Internet connectivity is one of the most sought after commodity in rural areas. The remote locations of these rural communities make it impractical for even the biggest DSL high speed internet provider to establish necessary infrastructures that enable internet access. The solution to this particular problem is opting for services provided by satellite broadband internet providers. Instead of passing through communication towers, cables and across different servers, the data goes in and out to space toward the corresponding provider satellite. This arrangement is expected to be slower than regular DSL connections as it logically seems to be the case.

However, some of the best satellite internet providers have significantly improved their services and they can even match if not surpass most lower-end DSL subscriptions. Their internet speed has become very fast and reliable with most applications that are essential for small and large businesses and institutions. The said businesses and institutions can make use of VoIP (Voice Over IP) as alternative for regular phone service, VPN (Virtual Private Network) for establishing a manageable and dedicated corridor exclusive to their network of branches and sub-offices.

The top satellite internet service providers that always come out on top in almost all reviews found online are Hughesnet, Exede and Dishnet. These providers offer all-around excellent services with some differences in features between them. Reading up on at least one legitimate review will give you the general idea of how they fare in providing internet connection via satellite.

One glaring shortcoming of Dishnet when compared with the other two is that it does not include email accounts on its packages. If subscribers can do without that feature or choose to overlook it, Dishnet is still a great option. Some of their packages offer satellite cable television. Their main strength lies in the variety of subscription packages to choose from. Subscribers can pick one package that matches their lifestyle, eliminating any excess features that they may hardly ever use. All in all, this particular internet satellite provider is worth looking into if the subscriber has to have internet television, connectivity and phone service.

Exede, as its name would have it, exceeds subscribers expectations. Reviews indicate that their advertised download and upload speed, 12Mbps and 3Mbps respectively, are inaccurate. The average number from reported speeds indicate that it can reach up to 17Mbps and 4.8Mbps. Never has false advertising betrayed customers in a beneficial way. It trumps the speed of Dishnet by quite a large number, and Hughesnet by a just a few. Another of its subscriber-friendly feature is the late-night free zone where the data counter does not count the data used from midnight to 5am. Such feature is absent in other providers and already puts Exede on a stable position as one of the top providers.

Last but not the least is Hughesnet. A lot of subscribers boast that this provider's feature-rich services evidently exist to make them know that they are getting a lot of attention from the provider. One of these is the worry-free data extensions that can be availed once the limit is reached. The increments are reasonable and lessens any excess payments for large data extensions that will not be used up by the end of the month. Its mobile satellite internet is also very appealing especially to subscribers who do a lot of traveling for hobby and for a living.


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