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How To Determine Which Drone With Camera Is Right For You

Drones with cameras are among the most popular gadgets of our modern times. Children and adults alike wish to shoot their own aerial videos, so that they can impress their virtual friends with their creativity. However, buying such a drone is a rather complex process. You need to consider a series of features and parameters that have a direct influence on your outcome and on your flying experience, and make your choice accordingly.

As a matter of fact, if you don't have a lot of money to invest in such toys, you may be happy with a drone that costs less than $100. There are several options in this price range. However, you have to be aware that you are going to get a lower resolution camera, so your videos aren't going to be the best possible. If your intention is to create professionally looking aerial videos, this solution isn't right for you. You need a better camera and a drone with more features that would allow you to have a much better control over the resulting footage.

There are lots of ready-to-fly drone models that come with both the camera and the required software. However, not all of them can shoot in HD, so you need to be careful when you make your choice. Moreover, if you want professional movies, you may need to buy a more expensive flying gadget, as its vibrations have a strong influence on the image quality. If your videos are shaky, they aren't going to be appreciated by too many viewers, so you should try to pick a drone that enables you to produce smooth videos of very good quality. If you intend to broadcast live, this is an extremely important detail, as you won't be able to use post-processing to improve your videos. On the contrary, if you only need your recordings for playback or for editing various movies, you may be just fine with a less expensive flying device.

As a matter of fact, a multi-rotor drone offers the best flying experience, so you should probably choose a quadcopter. However, you need to be aware that multi-rotors are more difficult to pilot than fixed-wing drones, so you can expect to need a lot of hours of practice before becoming able to control and fly them like a pro.

If you don't want to buy a ready-to-fly drone with an HD camera already installed, you can always choose the quadcopter you prefer, and fit it with a 3-axis gimbal that can carry the action camera of your choice. Professional film makers may need flying gadgets that can carry heavier equipment, but if you are only an amateur, you can be happy with a lighter drone, as you won't need to use a very heavy camera. There are enough light cameras able to shoot in HD and even in 4K, so you shouldn't have problems in finding the perfect combination to suit your needs.


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