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Cyber Phishing Has Increased By 55 Percent In 2015

Phishing is a term used when an attempt is made to acquire sensitive information from companys data bases such things as usernames, passwords and credit card details for malicious reasons. In many cases the Phishing is seen to be a trusted source so access in many cases is granted not knowing that the company has been exposed. In many cases Phishing comes from email communications purporting to be banks, online payment processing, popular social web sites or IT administrators, most Phishing emails contain links to websites that are infected with malware.

The number of cyber-attacks has increased at an astounding rate; in 2015 there was a reported 55 percent increase in the number of cyber-attack compared to 2014.

Even the blue chip organisations are at risk, a government or financial company targeted for one attack was more than likely be attacked a further 3 times throughout the year. Overall in 2015 large blue chip companies that experienced one cyber-attack was most likely to be attacked on average 3.6 time more in that year.

Companies of all sizes are being attacked; there was a 43 percent increase in small companies being attacked in 2015. The intellectual property that is stolen from cyber-attacks can be used for many reasons some can be to hold companies at ransom for their data, others which is just a worrying can be created by competitors.

There has been a significant increase in competitors actually stealing customers details, pricing information and other business sensitive details from their own competitors using cyber-attacks. The information that is stolen can give the competitor a significant advantage over everyone else in that sector, so it is seen to be worth the risk.

Every company small or large is at risk of a cyber-attack, and the motivating factor to instigate the attack is varied, but one thing is very clear; the attack is harmful and can damage the effected company in various ways.

The attacks on small companies can be very technically sophisticated and targeted, making sure that the attackers have maximum impact on the unsuspecting victim. The attacks on large blue chip organisations tend to be for maximum effect, gaining large scale publicity within media and harming companys reputations, even if no financial gain is achieved.

Cyber-attacks are a part of our commercial lives, all necessary precaution needs to be taken to minimise the exposure and systems must be up-to-date and staff must play a big part in being vigilant within their organisation. The company needs to ensure that the backup system that they implement is secure, one way to ensure privacy is to use an encrypted backup system.


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